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16 March 2010

Signature : Hanne Gundelach
Email :
City : Copenhagen
Country : Denmark
message : my life changed in a very nice direction March last year when I came across Kata Hot Yoga. I had never tryed yoga before but I loved it from the first class and last month I went back. What joy to see the same people still there. Smiling and full of energy. After Kata I flew to Kerala, India,to practice yoga for 2 weeks and when I returned to Denmark 3 days ago a hot yoga center had just opend near me- how lucky can one get? So tomorrow I will have my first lesson there,and I do hope they have the same expertise,energy and know-how you lovely guys at Kata Hot Yoga have! See you next year.

9 March 2010

Signature : Cory Oh
Email :
City : Seoul
Country : Korea, Republic of
message : I tried yoga for the first time with Govert at Kata Yoga in January 2010. It was a great experience! I went every single morning for the entire month and completed the 30 day challenge successfully. It was hard at first, but Govert is a great teacher: always pushing yet always encouraging. With his careful instruction, I increased my flexibility, improved my balance and posture, and strengthened my back. I also cultivated my sense of willpower and concentration.

The staff were always friendly and smiling. Every day! The facilities are also top-notch: a well-maintained studio with clean showers and a nice lounge area to enjoy fresh coconuts after an intense class!

I hope to visit sometime soon. Miss you guys!

28 February 2010

Signature : Ann Gilham
Email :
City : Phuket
Country : Thailand
message :

To do and succeed with something GOOD Not Easy!
It takes discipline, devotion and time to achieve a healthy harmony of “body & mind” Through participating in the daily 90mins BikramYoga programme for 2 years. My body and mind are healthier. Physically, I feel and look in great shape, body firmer, more flexible. For me a truly great success story. It’s never to late.

18 February 2010

Signature : Tony Lee
Email :
City : London
Country : United Kingdom
message : I found Kata Hot Yoga in January. It's a great way to get rid of some Christmas weight gain! Absolutely anyone can do it, it's great for anyone from beginners to expert.

It helped me trim down, become more flexible, tone up, and my overall fitness improved too. It really does energise you and make you feel better in body and mind.

Hot Yoga was a factor in me returning to Kata after leaving Phuket for a couple of weeks. I was looking forward to doing more classes and getting back into it.

Govert and Dylan were both great teachers and really help to motivate you during the 90 minute class. I would highly reccommend giving it a go!

16 February 2010

Signature : Catharine D
Email :
City : Kuta, Bali
Country : Indonesia
message : I do Bikram almost everyday in Bali and I visited Govert and his amazing studio last July for 3 weeks. I had only planned on staying a few days, but was so impressed with Govert and his his studio, his team, his cold coconuts for sale in the studio, his clean white, fresh smelling towels, and of course, his teaching. He is one of the best in the world, and he really helped me to mentally focus and lose weight while I was there. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, but make no mistake, Govert will take no less than 150% effort from you and he is in the best shape! Wow~! He and his team are kind, funny, dedicated and generous and will give you any sort of guidance or information you need to make your stay amazing. Govert became like a brother to me while I was there, and it was really hard for me to leave...I cannot wait to go back and visit and have Govert get me to give what I did not know I had to give again...Thank you Govert and his team!!!

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