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21 January 2010

Signature : Gema Mehmet
Email :
City : Dubai
Country : United Arab Emirates
message : Kata Hot Yoga is the best yoga that I have donE in the 8 years of doing Power and Astanga Yoga. Govert is the best teacher I have ever seen. It is inspirational.

I want to come back and live in Phuket!!

I will definately be back for somemore. The discs with the yoga recorded is nearly as good as being in the class.

Miss you Kata Yoga

8 February 2010

Signature : Louie Helm
Email :
City : Austin
Country : United States
message : Kata Hot Yoga is the best... these people are my family! My body and mind benefit so much from hot yoga practice! I think clearer and have so much more awareness... plus it keeps me healthy and in great shape.

My surfing injuries heal so much faster when I go to Kata Yoga and if I ever start to get a cold, I get better overnight when I go to yoga! I've never had as much energy or had such a full and rich life. It really can't be overstated how profound the difference is. I take all my friends to at least one class when they come to Phuket!

2 February 2010

Signature : kymba bartley
Email :
City : San Luis Obispo
Country : United States
message : I started doing Bikram yoga as a way to supplement my triathlon training. My time in Kata with Govert (and Miranda) not only improved my yoga practice but it also made my vacation more fun. My friend and I would do a class in the morning and then feel energized for the rest of the day. Or, we would do a class at night after a long day exploring, and we'd rest well & wake up refreshed.
I am going back to Thailand just to go to Kata Hot Yoga. It's like going to a first class spa retreat (something that would cost a fortune in the States) without the cost.
In addition to coming back to California feeling stronger than ever, I made some great friends at Kata Yoga in Thailand.

2 February 2010

Signature : David Wilson
Email :
City : Sydney
Country : Australia
message : I travel to Phuket often and always visit Kata Yoga when I,m there.
I have been to over half a dozen hot yoga studios in Australia and the U.S and Kata Yoga is my favorite.

I,ve been practicing for over 4 years and no longer suffer from chronic back, neck, and wrist injuries for which I used to have regular chiropractic and physio treatment to relieve.


29 January 2010

Signature : Maarten Witlox
Email :
City : Amsterdam
Country : Netherlands
message : I had a great time on Katabeach following the health program of Govert. We started at 6.30 on the beach with a silent walk. After stretch exercises on the beach and a cup of tea I had my 90 minutes of Hot Yoga, followed by a fresh coconut. Next was a good swim in the beautiful beach and a great fruit salade. In the afternoon I got two ours of the best Thai massage. This whole program I did for almost one month. I came in with a long disease. Now I feel like rebuild/reborn. Super!

Govert is such a active stimulating trainer/ coach, with a very personal touch, that it is a pleasure to work with him!

I had a great time, with surprising results. My mind and body are as new again. I can recommend this to anyone. Thanks Govert and your whole team.


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